Industry Insights

Commercial Kitchen Gas Regulations: A Complete Guide
All businesses need to be aware and stay up-to-date with Commercial Kitchen Gas Regulations. This informative guide focuses on the [...]
A Guide To Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Maintenance
A common cause of commercial kitchen failure is poor kitchen ventilation. Not only is it a legal requirement to keep [...]
7 benefits of refrigerator maintenance for your commercial kitchen
Commercial refrigeration systems are an important part of a successful commercial kitchen. They are also the only appliance that is [...]
sustainability in commercial kitchens
You might think that the issue of sustainability in commercial kitchens doesn’t apply to your kitchen, when in fact, it’s [...]
commercial kitchen rules and regulations
Making sure your commercial kitchen is functioning safely and effectively is not only good for your business, staff and customers [...]
Stainless Steel Catering Equipment
When it comes to finding the right surface material for your commercial kitchen installation, you can see why many businesses [...]
The Most Common Catering Equipment Faults And Causes
Failures in a commercial kitchen can cause serious problems for your business. What are the most common catering equipment faults [...]
maintain your commercial kitchen with Midlands Catering
Commercial kitchens are constantly on the go, used daily and relied upon by many. You therefore need to ensure it’s [...]
Midlands engineer carrying out planned preventative maintenance
When the kitchen is such a big part of your business, it’s important to give it the time, care and [...]
How To Prevent Kitchen Equipment Failure And What To Do When Something Goes Wrong
Sometimes, no matter how much you try and regularly service and clean your equipment, breakdowns happen. How do you prevent [...]
kitchen showing the benefits of having a regular kitchen service contract
At Midlands Catering Equipment we understand how important is to have your kitchen up and running 24/7, 365, and the [...]

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