So what are the top tips to maintaining a commercial kitchen?

By implementing some simple solutions, you can easily maintain your commercial kitchen, and keep it functioning to its full potential.

Stick to basics and keep it clean

From a health and safety perspective alone, your kitchen should be wiped down daily. By introducing a cleaning schedule, you can keep a track of when your equipment has been cleaned. Make sure you and your staff know how to look after and clean each piece of equipment, by following the manufacturer’s instructions. You should keep this information nearby, so it’s always on-hand. Once your staff are confident with how to clean the equipment correctly and safely, it’ll soon become a part of their daily routine, making it quicker and easier to manage, rather than dealing with potentially damaging effects of delayed cleaning.

Making sure you and your staff are keeping up on daily cleaning tasks can help prevent costly breakdowns due to the build of grease and grime, but regular professional cleaning and inspections are still necessary to asses equipment for faults and to advise on maintenance going forward.

Don’t forget your deep fat fryer

Neglecting your deep fat fryer could impact its performance or potentially cause a fire. Your manufacturer’s guide will advise the best way to keep it clean as well as recommending how often you need to do it. For example, after five years, most deep fat fryers will need a qualified contractor to inspect it every twelve months.

There’ll also be parts of your deep fat fryer that could be difficult to reach. Look to hire a professional to clean these parts, over you or your staff, to avoid any potential hazards.

If it’s broken, fix it

If you spot an issue, don’t add it to your to-do list, get it fixed straight away. This will not only resolve the problem a lot quicker, but it will also reduce any kitchen downtime and assure both your colleagues and customers that you understand the importance of fully functioning equipment. It’s also a lot cheaper to solve a smaller problem than wait for it to become a bigger fix. Find out more about our commercial kitchen repair services.

Clear your air filters

This is one that is easily missed, but an important task to add to your cleaning schedule. Air filters are essential for cooling large pieces of equipment. If the filter becomes blocked with dust and grease, air can’t get through and will cause your equipment to overheat. Resulting in poorly functioning equipment, higher electricity bills, and even fire.

It’s important to read your manufacturers recommendations on how to keep your air filters clean, and making sure you and your staff are keeping up on wiping them down and checking that they are kept clear. Regular professional cleaning and maintenance of your air filters can save you the deep-clean task, and give you peace of mind that those hard to reach places are clear, safe, and checked for faults by an expert. Find out more about our canopy cleaning services.

Don’t freeze out your freezer

It’s easily done – freezers are bulky items, so we keep them out the way and only think of them when we need to use them. But they’re constantly in use and one of the most important pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. If your freezer breaks down, you’ll not only waste the contents inside, but you could face potential kitchen downtime.

Pop it in your cleaning schedule to check your commercial freezer at least once a month. Make sure you check its temperature and that it’s cooling food as it should, as well as thoroughly cleaning it (inside and out).

Schedule in regular professional maintenance checks to keep your freezers working as they should, and fix any minor fault as they occur, which will help avoid costly breakdowns in the long run. Find out more about our commercial refrigeration services.

Opt for a Preventative Maintenance Plan

We understand how busy a commercial kitchen can be, and although you know the importance of keeping your kitchen clean and fully functioning, finding the time to do so can be tricky. A Preventative Maintenance Plan can relieve this stress and give you peace of mind that your kitchen is being looked after.

With multiple plans available, qualified engineers will regularly check your equipment – ensuring that it’s performing to its highest standard and spotting any issues early before they become costlier problems. You’re also guaranteed a 24-72 hour response call time, so any surprise issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. it’s never been easier to maintain your commercial kitchen.

Make time to care for your commercial kitchen

Small solutions can prevent big issues, and by implementing these top tips, you’ll be confident that your kitchen is working effectively and safely.

Find out more about our Preventative Maintenance Plans, or request a quote. If you have any other queries, please contact us.

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