Midlands Catering Equipment is a business born from the passion of satisfying our customers with the very best of commercial catering equipment services

Our company

Midlands Catering Equipment was set up by Mark and Zane, two skilled and experienced commercial catering engineers, who have been in the industry since leaving school.
Zane started a little earlier than Mark at the tender age of 13 in South Africa, his roots and place of birth. Zane was trained by his stepfather who still runs the family commercial catering business in South Africa to this very day.

Zane is very proud of his up bringing and teachings that his stepfather has made for him, where he has become an engineer and businessman working in the UK.

At Midlands, Zane runs a team of engineers and makes sure our clients are looked after each and every day. He helps the office team coordinate our jobs and PPM visits. Those of you that have had the pleasure to meet and worked with Zane, you know he likes to run a tight ship and will work both day and night to keep his customers happy and operational.

Our story

Mark, a little older and wiser, is not on the tools so much nowadays but is always willing to help the engineering teams out with support and guidance when needed. Mark has had to develop and diversify over the years, from engineer to operator. He was born with an entrepreneurial mindset and has the innovative ideas that drive the team forward (maybe crazy at points).

Over the years, Mark has been blessed to have worked alongside some key industry experts within his time in the catering industry. He has accumulated over 20 years’ experience including knowledge and expertise in all the key areas of running the day-to-day business operations. Mark has a passion for looking after his internal teams as well as Midlands clients. He is always looking at ways to improve the business, from a better customer experience to sourcing the latest technology.

Zane and Mark have created a positive work environment at their HQ in Northampton and encourage open communication within the team. They believe that being open builds trust and in-turn creates a feeling of ownership, surfaces any issues faster, and generates useful feedback. At Midlands, we believe this positive attitude will filter through to client’s expectations and needs and it is shown in our workmanship.


Being dependable and following through on commitments is essential. Being open and honest when communicating with others. Holding ourselves accountable and owning up to your shortcomings.


Accountability is all about setting and holding people to a common expectation by clearly defining the company’s mission, values, and goals… Fostering this culture of employee accountability helps yield a high-performing business and level of craftsmanship.


We understand, respect and value our customers, taking an interest and the time to listen. We are open and honest, keeping customers informed about what matters to them.


We believe in creating a workplace culture where people like coming to work. When we are engaged in our roles, we feel as though we are contributing and making a difference to one another. Positivity in the workplace makes our team effective, efficient and accurate in our work.

“A company’s employees are its greatest asset, and our team are the product!”