About Us

Created and managed by Mark and Zane, Midlands Catering Equipment has consistently supplied and maintained commercial kitchen equipment to a wide portfolio of clients. With a wealth of experience, the pair’s passion and interest in the industry started from a young age and hasn’t stopped growing.

Originally from South Africa, Zane was introduced to the family commercial catering business by his stepfather at the young age of 13. Zane was taught everything he knows through his upbringing, from engineering to running a business, and now runs the team of engineers here at Midlands. His expertise and high standards help coordinate jobs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Mark has developed and diversified his skillset, moving from engineer to operator whilst broadening his knowledge of the catering industry over the years. His entrepreneurial mindset helps keep Midlands one step ahead with day-to-day operations, customer service and sourcing of the latest technology.

Combining these two highly skilled and experienced commercial catering engineers together, has resulted in our trusted and well-established, Midlands Catering Equipment.

Our Values


Being dependable and following through on commitments is essential. We’re open and honest when communicating with others, holding ourselves accountable and owning up to any shortcomings.


Setting and holding people to a common expectation by clearly defining our company’s mission, values and goals. Helping to build a high-performing business and level of craftsmanship people trust.


We understand, respect and value our clients, taking an interest in your business and making the time to listen. We are open and honest, keeping our clients informed about what matters to them.


We believe in creating a culture where people like coming to work. When we’re engaged in our roles, we feel we’re contributing and making a difference to one another. Positivity makes our team effective.

Our Company

With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Mark and Zane know what will benefit their clients and colleagues. Working alongside experts within the catering sector, they’ve seen the pain points that come with running a commercial kitchen and found the solutions to them. Our aim is to share these solutions with our clients, so they can run a productive and cost-effective commercial kitchen.

We are constantly working to improve our services: introducing Planned Preventative Maintenance plans that’ll ensure our client’s kitchen equipment is performing safely, as well as our Online Cloud Portal, bespoke to each client for storing all their equipment’s documentation. We’re also ramping up our sustainability efforts, not only for ourselves at Midlands but for our clients too.

Zane and Mark have created a positive work environment at their HQ in Northampton and encourage open communication within the team. They believe honest communication builds trust and in turn creates a feeling of ownership, surfaces any issues faster, and generates useful feedback. At Midlands, we believe this positive attitude will filter through to the client’s expectations and reflects within our workmanship.


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