Prime Cooking Equipment

For all the new technology available in commercial kitchen equipment, some items are a staple in all operations that we cannot do without. Fryers, steamers, induction hobs, and ranges, to name a few, are robust, energy-efficient, and built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. Designed for ease of use by everyone in the team, Prime Cooking Equipment allows more people to be on hand to get the job done with high-quality results.

Midlands Catering Equipment ranges of prime cooking equipment is designed to last. We offer equipment for ranging food types including commercial ovens, convection ovens, grills, pizza ovens so that you can build a commercial kitchen that fits your unique requirement.

Design your kitchen through Midlands Catering Equipment and add Prime Cooking equipment from the high specification ranges we supply, no matter the size of your kitchen. We offer leading manufacturers such as:


Falcon Fryer & Falcon Range

At Midlands catering Equipment, we understand just how important it is to have reliable, robust and long-lasting catering equipment. The Falcon range that we stock is certainly no exception to this rule. Take a look at our Falcon range here. The cornerstone of every modern and successful commercial kitchen.

With high output and a fast recovery time, the Falcon Dominator Plus G3840 makes sure that you can efficiently fry the foods you need in the most time-effective way possible.

Coming with two frying baskets, you no longer have to wait for one thing to cook before you start the other. You can now fry at a capacity of 34kg per hour, from a tank that is holding 18 litres of oil.

Cleaning has never been so easy either. With a sleek steel design and removable basket hangers that can be fit into your commercial dishwashers, cleaning your frying equipment has never been more simple.


  • Energy efficient, high-performance burners provide quick heat up, reduced waiting time
  • Temperature range between 140 – 190°C provides variable, precise control
  • Stainless steel hob with mild steel pan has robust construction to withstand busy demands
  • Sediment collection zone keeps all cleaner for longer
  • Fast-acting safety thermostat – Power cut to the unit if oil overheats
  • Electric ignition to burner for quick and easy lighting

The multi-award winning Falcon Dominator Plus G3101 is possible the most versatile, reliable and robust pieces of catering equipment that you can find in a modern commercial kitchen. Complete with 6 high-powered hobs and three cast iron pan supports, you are able to consistently cook numerous things over a prolonged period of time.

Two shelves inside and five shelf positions give you the ability to safely fill the oven without worrying about any food missing out on oven space. With the Falcon Dominator Plus G3101, you are guaranteed a great piece of commercial catering equipment for a very good price.


  • Energy efficient, high-performance 5.3kW burners provide quick heat up and reduced waiting time.
  • A wide oven temperature range of 120 – 270°C is ideal to prepare a wide variety of food
  • Semi-sealed, pressed stainless steel hob is easy to remove and keep clean
  • Vitreous enamelled oven chamber is easy to clean and to keep clean
  • Twin cast iron pan supports are long-lasting and robust
  • Piezo ignition to the oven for simple, trouble-free operation

The Midlands Catering Equipment Guarantee

All of the equipment supplied by Midlands comes with at least 12 to 24 month manufacture warranty. By choosing us to supply and install your equipment, we further offer our customers an industry leading 3-month parts warranty, ensuring your kitchen keeps cooking in the event of any breakdown.

We also offer a variety of maintenance and service plans to care for your equipment once the project is complete as part of our managed service delivery.

Peace of Mind

At Midlands Catering Equipment, we know how important it is to have fully functioning kitchen equipment at all times. We offer preventative maintenance plans to help you keep your commercial kitchen equipment in peak condition at all times.

Our maintenance plans can include regular servicing, professional cleaning and part replacements.

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