Lifecycle Planning

Why monitoring equipment now helps you budget later

With 90% of our estate being in the Education Sector we really understand the importance of budget management for schools and other businesses. Our cloud-based maintenance solution provides our customers with complete control over managing their kitchen equipment. By storing everything you need in one dashboard, including your kitchen equipment’s current condition, life expectancy forecast and important documentation, you can monitor your kitchen’s performance and plan your expenditure effectively.

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Tracking key metrics

Your bespoke dashboard is designed to be intuitive to your site’s equipment and requirements. The easy-to-use display allows you to view the information you need, download reports, and set key measurable metrics such as:

  • New and existing jobs
  • Total outstanding jobs
  • Jobs attended with KPI target
  • First-time fix rate
  • In Target vs Out of Target
  • Busiest sites
  • Top 5 job counts

What are the benefits of lifecycle planning?

Regular servicing

Commercial kitchen equipment is a huge investment, so you want to ensure it’s performing efficiently to reduce the risk of emergency repairs. Lifecycle planning allows you to track when appliances have been serviced and book regular check-ups.

Equipment diagnostic reporting

Detailed diagnostic reports keep you up to date with your equipment’s health, helping you stay one step ahead if any repairs or replacements are needed. It also monitors its energy efficiency, highlighting areas where you can reduce costs.

Stress-free planning

With easy access to service reports, you have daily insights into how your kitchen is running without disturbing your staff or customers. You can use this data to forecast your outgoings and adjust your budget ahead of time, rather than in emergency situations.

Lifecycle plan reports

Our engineer’s reports identify equipment reaching its life expectancy. These downloadable reports highlight the time of year equipment needs to be replaced and the cost involved, allowing you to stay ahead by implementing a lifecycle plan that suits your budget. With our existing customer base, we generally work on lifecycle plans between 1-10 years depending on the age of the estate.

Reporting Dashboard

Helping you plan beyond your kitchen

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor the status of your kitchen equipment easily and efficiently. With reports and diagnostics stored in one location, you can adjust priorities in relation to your budget as well as identify areas to improve performance and reduce energy wastage. This industry-leading technology will help you stay one step ahead at all times.

Midlands Crest

A Complete Commercial Solution

CREST is our solution to delivering the 3 key pillars that we believe our clients deserve: Transparency, Lifecycle Planning and Relationship. Our CREST solution allows you to see how we’re ensuring the longevity of your equipment and our service.


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