Fridges and cold rooms are among the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. If they’re not functioning properly, they’ll overwork themselves running up higher electricity bills and, in a worst case scenario, if they’re not at the right temperature your stock could be unsafe to use – meaning you’ve potentially lost hundreds of pounds.

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Hoshizaki Refrigeration

The Hoshizaki Advance range is a series of durable, long-lasting and efficient refrigeration and freezer cabinets. Hoshizaki has kept food safety, cleaning efficiency and functionality at the core of its design. The Hoshizaki Advance range is the perfect fit for any commercial kitchen that values the quality of its food storage.

The Hoshizaki Advance Refrigeration range offers a sleek, efficient and future-proof function, that’s designed to last.

The mono-block design with an extractable condenser will lower your maintenance costs, simplify services, and will ensure stable performance. The cabinets come with a low running cost, thanks to eco-friendly refrigerant R290, as well as sturdy materials; this makes the Advance Range future-proof.

The interior and exterior are made of rounded corners and finished with easy-to-clean anti-corrosion stainless steel. The best material for a humid commercial kitchen setting.


Temperature Stability:
The intelligent air distribution system allows for high performance and temperature stability even in a busy kitchen setting.

Efficient and Sustainable:
The Advance series uses R290 which is a natural, low-energy consuming refrigerant. This future-proofs your refrigerator.

Easy To Clean:
The rounded corners and smooth, flat surfaces make frequent cleaning routines a simple, stress-free task. Anti-tilting shelves prevent any unwanted spillages and the cabinet has a rounded base with easy-to-remove gaskets that allow for easy cleaning.

Foster Xtra

The Foster Xtra range is the perfect commercial refrigeration option for those who want a reliable food storage option whilst having to stick to a tight budget.

The Foster Xtra XR600H has a 440-litre usable capacity, which means there’s plenty of space for you to fill without it getting cramped.

A mix of stainless steel and aluminium allows for solid commercial durability. Fan-assisted cooling will provide an even airflow which maintains temperatures when the door is being opened regularly.

Foster was the very first company to design, manufacture and distribute professional refrigeration in the UK. With over 50 years experience and innovation, you can guarantee that your products will come with a reputation of success and sustainability.

An R290 Natural refrigerant allows for natural, low-energy refrigeration.


  • 2/1 GN Capacity
  • Stainless Steel External Finish
  • Aluminium Internal Finish
  • R290 Refrigerant
  • Energy Rating D
  • Weight: 132kg
  • Temperature Range 2ºC – 4ºC
  • Voltage 230V



  • 1985(H) x 675(W) x 850(D)mm
  • Internal 1493(H) x 544(W) x 677(D)mm
  • Shelf size 530 (W) x 650 (D)mm
  • Insulation 60mm

Foster EcoPro G3 2Door Cabinet

The Foster EcoPro G3 offers over 1350 litre capacity which is perfect for any busy, modern-day commercial kitchen.

The Foster EcoPro G3 boasts some high-end features such as touchscreen controls, advanced thermal insulation and a 2/1 gastronom pan capability. All of these incredible features but still within the budget of companies that may not have the money to spend on some high-spec commercial refrigerators.

Equipped with a natural R290 refrigerant, this state-of-the-art fridge is perfect for schools, restaurants, canteens, hotels etc.

The stainless steel, sleek finish allows for a simple, quick and thorough cleaning process, both inside and out.


  • 1350 Litre Capacity
  • Stainless Steel External Finish
  • Aluminium Internal Finish
  • Voltage 230V
  • 6 x 2/1 GN Shelves (3 Per Door)
  • Self-Locking Doors
  • Anti-tilt Shelving
  • Touch sensitive temperature visibility display.



  • Internal 1506(H) x 1300(W) x 685(D)mm
  • Insulation 50mm


The most common reasons we see for breakdowns in fridges are split or damaged door seals, or blocked condensers. Luckily, these problems can be easily fixed with Midlands Catering. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service and can be with you within 24 hours. If we need to order in new parts, our great relationships with our suppliers mean we usually work on a next day delivery basis, getting you up and running as soon as possible with minimal downtime.


The best way to avoid a costly breakdown is to keep your equipment in top condition through regular servicing. Our services will flag up anything that could cause a problem later down the line, giving you the chance to fix issues whilst they’re still small and inexpensive. Frequent maintenance can save you money in terms of repair bills and can also improve your energy costs as your equipment won’t be consuming excess amounts of energy simply trying to function.

During a service we check all seals, clean out condensers and ensure all working parts are functioning as they should be. We recommend a service twice a year for busy pub or hotel kitchens and once a year for schools.

Equipment Covered

With decades of experience in the business, we know our way around all different kinds of commercial refrigeration equipment and work with various types and brands. This includes upright fridges, under-counter fridges, walk in cold rooms, bottle coolers and blast chillers. We also repair and service ice machines, which require slightly different repair and servicing plans to avoid legionella bacteria contaminating the machine.

Waste Carrier Licence

We have a waste carrier licence and offer a disposal service where we will take away old fridges and ensure they are disposed of or recycled correctly. It’s a simple and hassle-free service, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that any potentially dangerous parts of your equipment will be handled safely.

If you need our help repairing or servicing your commercial refrigeration equipment, call our expert team now on 01604 961161.

The Midlands Catering Equipment Guarantee

All of the equipment supplied by Midlands comes with at least 12 to 24 month manufacture warranty. By choosing us to supply and install your equipment, we further offer our customers an industry leading 3-month parts warranty, ensuring your kitchen keeps cooking in the event of any breakdown.

We also offer a variety of maintenance and service plans to care for your equipment once the project is complete as part of our managed service delivery.

Peace of Mind

At Midlands Catering Equipment, we know how important it is to have fully functioning kitchen equipment at all times. We offer preventative maintenance plans to help you keep your commercial kitchen equipment in peak condition at all times.

Our maintenance plans can include regular servicing, professional cleaning and part replacements.

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