Kitchen Fire Suppression System

At Midlands Catering Equipment, we understand the added risk of a fire occurring when you work in a commercial kitchen, that’s why we offer all of our client’s kitchen fire suppression systems.

Kitchen fires are the biggest risk to the livelihood of your property and more importantly, your staff. A kitchen fire suppression system gives you that added reassurance that your kitchen and staff will be safe in the event of a fire breaking out.

What Is A Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

A kitchen fire suppression system is an automated wet chemical that is designed to protect lives, catering equipment and infrastructure in the event of a kitchen fire. If a fire was to break out, your kitchen fire suppression system would automatically produce a wet chemical that will extinguish the flames throughout the kitchen.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Benefits

More Effective Than Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen fire suppression systems are safer, and more effective than using fire extinguishers and fire blankets. This is because there is no need for human participation for the fire to be put out. The chemical that is used in the fire suppression system is also more effective than what you get from fire extinguishers.

You Don’t Need To Be Present

With the kitchen fire suppression systems automated trigger, you don’t need to be present for the system to extinguish the flames. This drastically reduces the risk to life and largely boosts the protection and functionality of your commercial kitchen.

Quick To Clean

With the fire system being automatically triggered and extinguishing the flames almost instantly, it gives your staff the ability to clean the kitchen quickly, safely and effectively so that normal operations can resume in the shortest time.

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

If you own a commercial kitchen, a kitchen fire suppression system is highly recommended. Not only does it protect the lives and well-being of your staff, but it also protects your property. Furthermore. they reduce your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are now starting to make the installation of a fire suppression system standard in commercial kitchens.

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