How do you prevent kitchen equipment failure and what to do when something goes wrong?

Although we recommend signing up to our regular service contract (find out more about our commercial kitchen maintenance plans), sometimes issues just arise that no one could have foreseen. In these instances, it is important to have a callout service you can trust.

At Midlands Catering Equipment, our engineers have years of experience in the field, so you can guarantee that you will get good service every time. We understand how damaging downtime can be to both your business’s revenue and reputation, so we aim to get issues sorted as quickly as possible, whilst still maintaining a high-quality service.

What does our callout service include?

Our commercial kitchen callout service offers you coverage for any breakdowns or repairs that need doing, at any time. Our engineers will assess the situation before cleaning, repairing, or replacing any parts that are causing the issue. If your ovens are not firing or hobs won’t ignite, it’s often a faulty thermocouple or pilot assembly, and these are relatively simple to repair.

There may be instances where more serious issues have occurred, and this often includes electrical failure related to control panels, electric elements, or thermostats. Some components like wash pumps, dishwasher PCBs, and combi oven parts are often expensive to replace.

If a piece of equipment is over 10 years old, or unfortunately beyond repair, we would consider whether a full replacement of the unit is required. We would also offer advice on a replacement and offer to have it installed for you quickly and easily. This can also happen if the replacement part is expensive and we judge it to be more prudent to replace the entire unit instead.

Response time and repair time

Our engineers are never more than 60 miles away, and all of them carry a large stock of parts to help get repairs done on our first visit, rather than having to order new components, possibly adding days to the repair time.

We carry spare parts from leading manufacturers for most electric and gas cookers. If our engineers do not have the parts in stock, then we will work with all the leading parts distributors to get the parts the next day. We are committed to reducing downtime, and stress, giving you peace of mind.

Out of hours

Kitchens don’t operate on a 9 to 5 basis and neither do equipment breakdowns, and that’s why as a company we don’t either. We operate an out of hours service, so if your breakdown happens on a weekend or in the evening, we will be with you as soon as possible.

Latest technology

Another way in which we aim to provide not only a fast but high-quality service is by keeping up to date with the latest technology. Our service provides you access to an online portal where you can see everything you need to know about your call out and other services. It will provide you information like the engineers ETA and the job’s progress, so that you are kept in the loop always.

At Midlands Catering Equipment, we strive to be there for you any time, on time. With us, you can be certain that you are getting not only a fast, but also a reliable and high-quality response. We will never leave you in the dark or the lurch, and our experienced engineers will get issues repaired as soon as possible. Our portal also gives you the client information on how we are preforming as a company with you very own job metrics board.

If you want any more information about what our callout service includes, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions, and to talk about the specific needs of your kitchen.

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