What are the most common catering equipment faults and causes?

They’re inconvenient, trigger delays and potentially result in costly repairs. We’ve listed the most common catering equipment faults and causes that can impact your kitchen, and how a Preventative Maintenance Plan can help you avoid them.

What to look out for…

Commercial ovens overheating

Probably the most used piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen and therefore at a higher risk of fault, especially if it’s not looked after correctly. Overheating tends to be the main issue for commercial cookers, and most likely caused by blocked filters. This can easily be resolved by regularly clearing them of any dust, dirt and grease that builds up. If you’re unsure on anything, check your manufacturer’s guide or reach out for professional help.

Refrigerators not keeping their cool

Your commercial refrigerator is another important piece of equipment within your kitchen. Again, the gradual build-up of dirt and grease decreases the air flow, causing it to overheat and not function correctly. Ensure you check your refrigerator’s gasket and air filter, as well as cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils every couple of months with a brush or vacuum.

Commercial dishwashers not cleaning properly

Not only is this frustrating, it can also cause unnecessary delays within your kitchen. The usual culprits to why your commercial dishwasher isn’t performing are blocked filters, a faulty spray arm or the use of incorrect detergent. These can easily be resolved by regularly cleaning the filters and checking your detergent. If you’re unsure on anything, check your manufacturer’s guide or reach out for professional help.

Deep fat fryer breakdowns

This is an important piece of equipment to maintain. If you allow a build-up of grease and dirt, it can impact its performance and increase the risk of kitchen fires. Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions for peak performance and you’ll also need a technician to inspect it bi-monthly. After five years, it’ll need to be checked once a year, to test its performance and spot any issues.

Failure on your part, to replace parts

Replacing a part may seem like a small task but they’ll prevent big problems later. Be proactive and follow any advice from your technician – they are the experts! This’ll not only save you time and money but will help avoid any breakdowns.

Lack of cleaning

This is a simple task that can increase your equipment’s lifespan. Your staff should regularly be cleaning your kitchen’s surfaces and equipment from a health and safety perspective. However, due to the nature of commercial kitchens, the quick accumulation of dust, dirt and grease is expected. So, it’s recommended to introduce a cleaning schedule for in-depth cleaning of your equipment, including your vent hood and duct, which can be easily missed. If you’re unsure or limited with resource, look into hiring a professional to assist.

Inadequate ventilation

If your kitchen is heating up (but not in a good way) you most likely have a ventilation issue. This is usually caused by a build-up of grease within your ventilation system. With air not being able to filter through, the increase in temperature creates an uncomfortable environment for your staff, as well as affecting the quality of your food, potentially making your customers ill. By using a professional cleaner to clear your ventilation system, you can ensure a clean and consistent airflow. Find out more about our canopy cleaning to keep your air ventilation clean.

How can a Preventative Maintenance Plan help?

Once you understand the potential catering equipment faults within your kitchen, you’ll soon know what signs to look out for and how to resolve them. With a commercial kitchen Preventative Maintenance Plan, you can go one step further for your kitchen – Our plans include regular servicing of your equipment from qualified engineers, a 24 to 72-hour response time and general peace of mind that your kitchen is working to its full potential. For more information, visit our Preventative Maintenance options or get in touch.

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