When you’re running a busy commercial kitchen you need a team that can work quickly and effectively to meet the next influx of customers. An important part of that team is your commercial warewasher and dishwasher. 

Used daily, these appliances ensure your glassware and dishware is thoroughly cleaned so your staff have everything they need to keep the kitchen running. That’s why regular maintenance is vital, and we’ve pulled together the top tips to help. 

The importance of keeping your commercial kitchen clean

It might be an obvious statement but if your commercial dishwasher equipment isn’t clean, then your dishes won’t be either. Although newer models may have their own in-built cleaning systems, many models don’t, and both still require regular checks to perform to their highest standard. 

A poor-performing dishwasher could result in unhygienic dishware which if undetected by your staff, could be picked up by customers and result in unwanted complaints or potential harm. It may also result in doubling workloads if items need to be rewashed or even cause kitchen downtime. 

Tips for commercial kitchen maintenance

Without knowing how your appliance functions, you won’t know when and if there’s an issue. By implementing regular checks you’ll be able to get the most out of your commercial warewasher, spot any early issues and resolve them before they become expensive fixes. 

It might seem daunting but we’ve pulled together 9 easy maintenance tips you can do, to monitor your warewasher’s performance:

commercial warewasher with cleaned glasses.

1. Train your staff on how to use and clean it

If they feel confident with how it works, they’ll know how to resolve any issues and keep it running. Store the user manual nearby too, just in case.

2. Decode the error codes

Modern models have error codes to identify any problems. These are really useful, so keep a list nearby so issues can be resolved quickly.

3. Clean it, then run it

You might not see it but food particles from previous washes can get stuck and start to rot. By setting daily washes you help clear any build-up of smells, grease or food.

4. Remove leftover food and drink

A commercial dishwasher is not a dustbin – it’s important to remove any leftovers and rinse dishware before loading to avoid food particles clogging up parts.

5. Stack sensibly

Overloading your washer could prevent it from working and stop glasses and dishware from receiving a full clean, potentially resulting in you having to wash them again.

6. Clean individual parts

After each wash, wipe down the interior walls and remove parts such as the heat-recovery system coils, filters, blower dryers and rinse nozzles to clear any build-up of mould or residue.

7. Descale your equipment

Over time, limescale naturally builds up on parts and if left can become harder to remove. By addressing the issue regularly you can keep on top of it.

8. Allow it to air

Once emptied, they’ll still be warm steam or water droplets in the machine which, if shut-in, can cause bacteria to build up. Leave the door open so it can naturally cool and dry.

9. Set up a cleaning routine

By creating daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, these tasks can easily be managed by your whole team.

How a Planned Preventative Maintenance plan will help

We understand this may seem like a lot to do, and that’s why we’re here to help. Midland’s Catering offers several Commercial Kitchen Maintenance options to ensure your commercial warewasher is functioning at its peak. They also:

  • Save you time and peace of mind
  • Include regular checks and servicing
  • Repair faulty parts
  • Quick response time to any issues or queries
  • Source replacement parts 
  • Log all service history within the portal

If this is your ideal solution, discover which maintenance plan would suit you.

commercial warewasher with cleaned glasses

Tips for buying new commercial warewasher equipment

This is an important part of your kitchen so you need to ensure you’re investing in a model that will benefit your business. Before you buy, make sure you:

  • Research and compare suppliers
  • Check its size fits your kitchen space
  • Ensure it meets your kitchen’s requirements
  • Know it’s reliable and easy to use

If you’re unsure, we can help. Here at Midlands Catering Equipment, we only source the best equipment from the biggest, most reputable names in the commercial kitchen sector, ensuring we supply and install the performance and convenience you need in your kitchen. Interested? Our dedicated dishwasher and glasswasher page can tell you more.

Maintaining your equipment

By making time to look after your commercial warewasher now, you can extend its lifespan, spot potential issues and ensure it’s performing to your kitchen’s requirements. For more information on commercial warewasher & commercial kitchen maintenance, please get in touch.